Franz & Greta are known to have traveled a lot. Many times they went to Asia, and if there was something Greta liked to treat herself to a little extra, with the exception of bubbles in the glass, it was massage treatments that were on the agenda for our dear Greta.

Thai massage is a 2,500-year-old form of treatment from Asia. It involves making use of the body's energy lines and stretching the muscles so that the body's own endorphin flow creates a balance. The Thai massage helps to solve the body's blockage, which releases pain and aches. The process is very accurate and precise and suits everyone from young to old. Massage is also a tactile form of treatment and touch itself has a health-promoting effect.

With us at Hotell Mårtenson, you will find a treatment room on the bottom floor where you can choose between 25 - 50 minute treatments.

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Or talk to our service stars in Gretas Café.

The following treatments are offered;
1.Thai Massage
2. Foot massage
3.Oil Massage
4.Aroma massage
5. Warm Aroma Massage
Choose between 25 or 50 min.