Franz Bistro

Thanks to our many gastronomical encounters from all over the globe we have realized that it is hard to be selective about our culinary memories. Greta loves steak tartare, and I can’t stay away from fresh shellfish. So, when we asked the chefs here at Mårtenson to create a menu based on our taste the inspiration was from sunny alleyways in the Caribbean, that one French bistro in Andouille, tartare from Singapore and of course the crab salad we had on a cliff in Havstenssund. It wasn’t an easy task for the chefs, but they succeeded. Here you will find both big and small dishes with inspiration from our travels, and in the bar we serve classic cocktails with a modern twist. Try one of our signature cocktails while looking at our wine list with carefully selected wines from all over the globe. 

Welcome, Franz and Team Martenson


Storgatan 52
302 43 Halmstad

035-17 75 75

Franz Bistro
Monday - Saturday

11.30 - late