Week 49

  • Monday 5:e

  • Tuesday 6:e

  • Wednesday 7:e

  • Thursday 8:e

  • Friday 9:e

  • Saturday 10:e

  • Sunday 11:e

  • dec. 7:e 8:00

    Gretas Babycafé

    Gretas Café

    We invite you to the babycafé, every Wednesday. A natural meeting place for parents with children up to 2 years to meet other parents & children.

  • dec. 7:e 17:00

    Wine tasting


    We welcome you to an evening where you can take part in a taste journey in the world of wine.

  • dec. 9:e 16:00

    Afterwork in Gretas

    Gretas Café

    Christmas table time has arrived, which means that the bistro & bar will be full of guests who will be eating of the Christmas table. But that doesn't mean we don't have afterwork. We welcome you to after work in Greta's Café.

  • dec. 10:e 10:30


    Franz Bar

    All day brunch

  • dec. 11:e 11:00


    Franz bar

    All day brunch