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For over 160 years, we have housed countless hotel guests, cinema visitors, party people, theater companies and hungry Halmstad residents.
Now our story continues with a new chapter where we have recreated our former glory with a focus on the delights of life inspired by Greta and Franz's travels.
With inclusive hospitality, surprising experiences and a modern curiosity, we look forward to being here for at least another 160 years.

In May 2021, we opened up in a new spirit where we mix the 1920s with the 2020s. Inspired by all the memories and experiences that Hotell Mårtenson has offered over the years, but not least by Franz & Greta Gruber who during the middle of the 20th century lived and worked here at the Hotel in Halmstad. We do not only offer the best hotel in Halmstad but you will also find a fully equipped gym, three beautiful chambres separées for meetings & dinners, CoWorking, Gretas Café, Franz Bistro & Bar, Gretas Blommor, and during the warm months you will also find Gretas Tak.

Book your room today and experience the best of Halmstad at Hotell Mårtenson.

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